Privacy Policy

We created this document to inform you about all the details connected with collecting, storing and processing of your personal data. We also can share it to third parties according the paragraphes mentioned below. Read this text to its end, please, to be aware of the actions, which may be performed with your data, in case you agree to become our user. Pay attention that you agree with this Privacy Policy automatically by launching this application. We also ask you to update the current page as often as it’s possible to be aware of any changes and react in time.

Which information has to be collected and processed?

There are several types of information, which we gather: personal and non-personal. Both of them may be collected in two ways - directly by the user’s permission or automatically according to his actions in our app. The owner has a right to collect all the data, which is free (for example, your account name on App Store) and which you agree to provide him with. These can be the following things: IP address, operating system version you use, hardware model, mobile ID, network information, name and username, which you use to log in on App Store, age, sex, country and other personal data from open sources.

Furthermore, by purchasing a subscription, the user provides the owner with the information about his credit/debit card and bank account. These facts may be processed by third-party payment providers. Also, if you contact us directly by messaging or sending an email, then we have a right to store all the information from your letter.

For which purposes do we collect your personal data?

The main aim of data gathering is to provide a better service. But anyway, there are several more reasons for us to process or store your personal information. First of all, let us tell in detail, how can we improve our services according to the collected data. The information you provide us with is overly important for correct analytics and statistics, as we can view, which category of people uses our app in most. This helps us to modify and upgrade Astro VPN to make it better and more convenient.

The other reason is in-app advertising. We have to analyse your needs and actions all the time to provide you with the most appropriate discount variants or other special offers. We can also send you marketing messages or emails according to the information we have collected. There is one more reason for data collecting, which we have to mention. We perform this to prevent any harm, which unfaithful users may cause us or our product.

In which cases can we share your data?

The owner has a right to share your personal data in case he was ordered to do so by a court or other official authorities. Nevertheless, we reserve a right to give your personal information to third-party companies, which are responsible for better service providing, for example, technical support. We can also gather and share your data with other services for analytical purposes (to create metrics and view detailed statistics). Another reason for legal data sharing is advertising. This policy you can find below in a separate paragraph.


By using Astro VPN you automatically agree with our advertising politics. This means that the data the user provides the owner with may be transferred to third-party advertising companies. The app owner is responsible for the data he shares, but he isn’t responsible for the actions of those companies, as they have their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents, which may be different from ours. Advertising is carried out on the target basis. Thus we need to supply ad providers with your personal information, to make their work more productive and user-oriented.

What are cookies for?

We use cookies to make our service more customized and helpful to every our user, according to his individual preferences. It is important to track all the needs of our consumers to provide them with more appropriate service and promotional offers. Cookie is a small data file, which is placed inside your device. It tracks the information about the websites you visit, goods you search for and other preferable things. This doesn’t mean that we collect the information about those virtual actions, which you want to be hidden or anonymous. Cookies politics is applied in case you visit our official website.

User’s data protection

The application owner is responsible for the user’s data he gathered. He has a right to apply any possible methods to keep it safe and protected. It can be performed in any physical, organizational or digital way. The owner is free to use any necessary third-party services to provide a high level of data protection.

List of permissions required for a proper work of the app

Astro VPN doesn’t require any extra permissions from the user for a correct work of our application. As the result, we don’t have a chance to gather the information, which isn’t needed. The only menu category our app deals with is proxy servers. We don’t ask you to permit the access to something else, as camera, for example.

Platforms we use for distribution

We need to distribute and promote Astro VPN effectively, so we use special platforms, which were designed for such purposes. As for now, it’s Apple App Store. The user should pay attention, that the information he provides the platform with (by logging in, filling in any forms, etc) may be given to the app owner. App Store provides us with such options and tools as analytics, statistics and others. Platforms usually collect your personal information by their own forces, but the list of necessary facts may vary. Thus, we recommend the user to look through the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service documents of App Store, as we aren’t responsible for the information gathered by it.

The owner reserves a right to display this application on other platforms, which also have a different Privacy Policy.

The user has a right to do the following:

  • Ask the app owner to provide him with a detailed report, which includes the information about the gathered data.
  • Know the way, in which his personal information will be processed, shared and protected.
  • Cancel any permissions connected with data usage, which were given before.
  • Forbid the owner to process and share user’s personal data. In this case it also will be collected but not used (only stored).
  • Complain to reliable and competent authority about any facts of inappropriate data processing, sharing or storing.
  • Object any kind of further data usage. This can be done in case, when the app owner performs illegal (or not mentioned in this text) actions related to your personal information.
  • Object the information keeping. If you don’t want the owner to store your data, then it can be fully removed or just corrected (in case some facts are non-relevant or true anymore).

Privacy Policy updates

The app owner is free to update, change or even replace this text with another document at any time. Furthermore, the only way he has to notify the user is to place a new Privacy Policy on this website. To avoid misunderstandings and other problems, the user should update this page regularly to be aware of any changes.

Do you need some extra information?

The user has a right to ask the owner for further information connected with Privacy Policy or Terms of Service documents. This can be performed in any possible way and at any time. The user can contact the official app owner either in a written or in a spoken form through the provided ways to leave a feedback. The full list of contacts can be found on this website.