About this agreement

This document is important to read, as it informs you about all the terms of use you have to be aware of. These are strict rules, which should be followed by the user. Please, notice, that you automatically agree with all the statements listed below in case you installed Astro VPN. Terms of Use document may be modified or updated as well as a Privacy Policy one. The app owner doesn’t have to notify the user about the changes directly. New terms become actual right after posting them on this web page.

The user is fully responsible for:

  • actions he performs online through Astro VPN.
  • data, which he gives on third-party websites.
  • information, including personal one, which he shares by his own will.

The user is forbidden to:

  • copy, change or perform any other destroying actions with this application or its separate parts.
  • extract and modify the source code.
  • use Astro VPN for illegal purposes, which are punishable by law.
  • perform any kind of unauthorised advertising through the provided proxy server.
  • share an inappropriate content, which is illegal (pornography, violation scenes, etc).
  • use this application to send spam letters, spread viral soft or other infected files.
  • cause harm to other people, track their activity, threaten, cheat, etc.
  • distribute spying software, junk files.

If the user disobeys the rules mentioned in this document or perform an action, which is forbidden, then the app owner has a right to deny service. In this case the user won’t be able to continue using Astro VPN even if he paid for a subscription. Also, the money won’t be refunded.

Subscription terms

To provide the user with a better service we created several types of auto-renewing subscription, which can be purchased for different time periods. The cost also varies according to their length. The user is free to choose the most appropriate variant. The subscription can be purchased for 1 week per 9.99 USD, 1 month per 29.99 USD or 1 year per 59.99 USD. These prices can be changed by the app owner without direct warning at any time. Also the owner has a right to provide promotional prices and discounts for a limited period of time.

Auto-renewing subscription means that once you purchased it for the first time, it will renew automatically when your current paid period comes to its end. But this option can be switched off in user’s iTunes account settings at any moment. Account is usually charged for renewal a day before the actual end of current subscription. If you wish to switch this option off, then you have to do this at least 24 hours prior.

There is a trial period provided, which also has its terms of use. This means that you can test Astro VPN for three whole days for free without any limits or locked functions. Nevertheless, this period may be shortened in case the user purchases a subscription before the end of the trial. The left time will be forfeited.

Cancellation policy

The first subscription may be canceled by the user during his trial period at any time. But if you pay and activate your subscription, then it can’t be canceled and your money won’t be refunded. The only way is to switch the automatic renewing off in your iTunes account settings menu 24 hours prior the end of current subscription. In this case, it won’t be prolonged for one more period, but you won’t also get the money back, as the paid time is already over.